KEY: DGSDemand Gen Summit (DGS) | C2CContent2Conversion (C2C) | Speakers / Panelists

Monday, Feb. 16th

  • 02:00 PM

  • Workshop #1: Measuring & Tracking Campaign Success & ROI
    Jim Lenskold, President, Lenskold Group

    Workshop #2: Building A Buyer-Focused Content Strategy
    Matt McKenzie, CCO, Content4Demand

    Workshop #3: Refreshing Your Demand Generation Plan
    April Brown, Vice President of Demand Generation Services, Televerde

    Special Event: Reflexology & Stress Relief Session; Spa Avania

  • 07:00 PM

  • Opening Night Reception
    LOCATION: Lawn Court, Hyatt Regency

Tuesday, Feb. 17th

  • 07:30 AM

  • Networking Breakfast & Registration

  • 08:30 AM

  • Connecting Buyer Preferences & Campaign Strategies
    Andrew Gaffney, Publisher, Demand Gen Report

  • 09:00 AM

  • Opening Keynote: Messaging: B2B Content’s Missing Link
    Erin Provey, Service Director, Strategic Communications Management, SiriusDecisions

  • 09:45 AM

  • How to Create a Competitive Advantage by Crowdsourcing Marketing Content with Influencers
    Lee Odden, CEO, TopRank Online Marketing

  • 10:15 AM

  • Content Solution Zone / Peer Networking Break

  • 10:45 AM

  • DGS DGS Keynote: The Next Generation of Demand Generation
    Jason Hekl, VP and Group Director, SiriusDecisions

    C2C C2C Keynote: Use Case – Reimagining The Marketing Team To Support A Content-Lead Strategy
    Karen Thomas-Smith, Vice President, Provider Marketing & Reference Management, Optum

  • 11:40 AM

  • DGS DGS Strategy:  Leading Demand Process Transformation – What Marketers Must Do to Succeed in the Buyers Revolution
    Carlos Hidalgo, CEO and Principal, ANNUITAS

    C2C C2C Strategy: Digital Relevance: The Framework for Engagement
    Ardath Albee, CEO, Marketing Interactions

  • 12:10 PM

  • Birds Of A Feather / Topic Table Lunch Groups

  • 01:15 PM

  • Afternoon Keynote: The Personalization of Content: Using Content to build 1:1 Relationships at Global Scale
    Michael Brenner, Head of Strategy, NewsCred

  • 02:00 PM

  • Killer Content Award Winner #1: Multi-Touch Campaign
    Alicia Garibaldi, Senior Content Marketing Manager, Glassdoor

  • 02:25 PM

  • DGS DGS Strategy: Content Marketing ROI: A Measurement Framework for Buyer’s Journey and Persona Marketing
    John C. Fernandez, Sr. Director of Analytics and Operations, Jibe and Seth Dotterer, VP of Marketing, Conductor

    C2C C2C Strategy: Super-Charging Your Lead Nurtures: How Micro Campaigns & Modular Content Can Drive Targeted Results
    Christine Elliott, Content Strategy Leader, Crowe Horwath

    Behind The Scenes (Reserved for B2B Marketers)

    • Tips & Technologies to Accelerate Pipleline Growth ( Paul Albright, CEO, Captora)
    •  The Content Service Bureau: Optimizing, Structuring and Creating a Process Around Content Marketing ( Dayna Rothman, Sr. Content Marketing Manager, Marketo)
  • 03:15 PM

  • DGS DGS Strategy: Putting Your Subject Matter Experts Front & Center in Campaigns
    Michael Kolowich, Founder and CEO, KnowledgeVision Systems

    C2C C2C Strategy: Engaging Millennials
    Alicia Fiorletta, Senior Editor, Demand Gen Report

    Behind The Scenes (Reserved for B2B Marketing)

    • Beyond MQL: How A High-Growth Company Improved Conversion by Mobilizing Content for Internal & External Stakeholders ( Rahul Patel, CEO & Founder, Genwi)
    • Why Marc Benioff Is Betting Big on Data and So Should You ( Amanda Kahlow, CEO and Founder, 6Sense)
  • 03:45 PM

  • Content Solution Zone / Networking Break

  • 04:15 PM

  • DGS DGS: “Ignite” Sessions
    10-Minute Lightning Talks With Need-To-Know Insights On:

    •  The How and Why Behind Aligning Your Sales & Marketing ( Atri Chatterjee, CMO, Act-On Software)
    •  4 Tactics to Bridge the Gap Between the Leads You Drive & Your Sales Team ( Andrea Sittig-Rolf, Chief BlitzMaster & CEO, BlitzMasters)
    •  4 Ways to Ignite Your Pipeline Conversion through Webinars ( Cheryl Hanley, Director of Demand Generation, PGi)

    C2C C2C: “Ignite” Sessions
    10-Minute Lightning Talks With Need-To-Know Insights On:

    • 5 Actions To Make Content More Active ( Hana Abaza, Director of Marketing, Uberflip)
    • 5 Things Marketers Need To Do To Marry Content And Tablets ( Mac McConnell, Showpad )
    • 5 ways to Use Content to Drive More Leads ( Nick Edouard, EVP Business Development & Marketing, LookBookHQ)
  • 04:55 PM

  • Closing Keynote: Building Operations & Processes to Measure Content ROI
    Jim Lenskold, President, Lenskold Group

  • 05:40 PM

  • Killer Content Award Winner #2: Nurture Content
    Jolene Melancon, Marketing Automation Manager, Dell

  • 06:00 PM

  • Drinks Reception
    LOCATION: Arizona Ballroom, Hyatt Regency

Wednesday, Feb. 18th

  • 07:30 AM

  • Networking Breakfast

  • 08:30 AM

  • How Does Your Content Strategy Stack Up? Content Maturity Model
    Andrew Gaffney, Publisher, Demand Gen Report

  • 08:40 AM

  • Using Content to Create Conversations
    Seth Lieberman, Founder and CEO, SnapApp

  • 09:10 AM

  • Strategy Session: Overcoming The Conversion Gap: Aligning Demand Generation And Sales Enablement Teams To Close More Deals
    Tim Riesterer, Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer, Corporate Visions

  • 09:55 AM

  • Killer Content Award Winner #3: Buyer-Focused Content
    Terri Schmidt, Director, Online Merchandising, EMC Store

  • 10:10 AM

  • Content Solutions Zone / Networking Break

  • 10:55 AM

  • DGS DGS Strategy: Optimizing Every Stage of the Funnel with Predictive Scoring
    Elle Woulfe, Director of Demand Generation, Lattice Engines

    C2C C2C Strategy: The Social Newsroom: How To Win The Moment 
    Celia Brown, Sr. Director, Content Marketing, Customer Engagement & Commerce, SAP 
    Amy Hatch, Managing Editor, Future of Commerce, Hybris (a SAP Company)

    Behind The Scenes (Reserved for B2B Marketers)

    • The Golden Rule of Lead Nurturing ( Miriam Fair, Implementation Specialist, Pardot)
  • 11:35 AM

  • DGS DGS Use Case: Speed Up The Buyers Journey With AN Epic Content Plan
    Sarah Shelnut, Demand Generation Manager, NanoLumens

    C2C C2C Use Case: A New Model for Marketing Transformation
    Drew Chapin, VP of Marketing, Hyland, creator of OnBase

  • 12:05 PM

  • Birds Of A Feather / Topic Table Lunch Groups

  • 01:05 PM

  • DGS DGS Strategy: Getting to What Matters: Driving Conversions through B2B Personalization
    Robert Strohmeyer, Account-Based Marketing Evangelist & Director of Sales Engineering, Demandbase

    C2C C2C Strategy: Adding Context to Your Content: Strategies for Storytelling and Making Your B2B Content More Compelling
    Laura Ramos, Vice President & Principal Analyst serving CMOs, Forrester Research

  • 01:45 PM

  • DGS DGS: “Ignite” Sessions
    10-Minute Lightning Talks With Need-To-Know Insights On:

    • 9 Steps To Effective Lead Nurturing ( Steven Lewis. Senior Vice President. Marketing Services, MarketBridge)
    • How To Turn Your Resource Center Into A Lead Gen Machine ( Hana Abaza, Director of Marketing, Uberflip)
    • Where’s your Cape? Defeating the Top 5 Data Villains ( Sean Crowley, Director of Product & Customer Marketing, D&B NetProspex)

    C2C C2C: “Ignite” Sessions
    10-Minute Lightning Talks With Need-To-Know Insights On:

    • Social Amplification ( Donna Gaspard, Trapit Inc.)
    • 5 Ways To Turn Content Marketing Effort Into Sales Results ( Andrew Davies, Co-Founder, Idio)
    • 5 Ways to Use Video To Improve Marketing Results ( Tyler Lessard, CMO, Vidyard)
  • 02:15 PM

  • Content Solutions Zone / Networking Break

  • 03:00 PM

  • DGS DGS Panel: Re-Engagement Campaign Models & Metrics
    Moderator: Cari Baldwin, Founder and Partner, BlueBird Strategies
    Panelist: Lisa Flynn, Chief Revenue Officer, Manzama
    Panelist: Barbra Gago, Director of Marketing and Growth, Greenhouse Software

    C2C C2C Panel: Mapping Content To The Buyers Journey
    Moderator: Dana Harder, VP of Client Strategy, Content4Demand
    Panelist: Stacy Gardner, Director, Marketing Programs, Bottomline Technologies
    Panelist: Puneeta Dighe Director, Content Strategy, Time Warner Cable Business Class
    Panelist: Tina Wand, Director, Demand Generation, Return Path
    Panelist: Christine Elliott, Content Strategy Leader, Crowe Horwath

  • 03:40 PM

  • Killer Content Award Winner #4: Influencer Campaign
    Jeremy Barlow, Marketing Automation Manager, Cision

  • 03:55 PM

  • Closing Panel Session: CXO Perspectives On Content & Demand Gen
    Moderator: Andrew Gaffney, Publisher, Demand Gen Report
    Panelist: Liz Miller, VP Programs & Operations, CMO Council
    Panelist: Jim D’Arcangelo, Vice President, Marketing,
    Panelist: Christine Nurnberger, CMO, BottomLine Technologies

  • 04:40 PM

  • Wrap Up: 10 Tactics To Take Back To Your Team
    Andrew Gaffney, Publisher, Demand Gen Report